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As paving contractors with more than 75 years of combined experience, we know how to get the job done right. Unlike many competitors, we're committed to providing our clients with superior, lasting results. Our goal is to gain life-long clients that will recommend us to everyone. We promise that when you choose us for your asphalt service needs, you'll be more than amazed with the end result. Click the links below to explore our range of asphalt services! For more details, call us today at (704) 661-6134!

Asphalt Replacement »

Our CHIPSEAL process is the absolute best way to replace your parking lot. If your asphalt is beyond repair, there are 4 ways to replace the surface:

* Full asphalt replacement

* Asphalt overlay

* Mill & Pave

* Chipseal Paving

The most common methods are Mill & Pave and Chipseal. With Mill & Pave, the extra time and manpower needed to remove asphalt and haul it to the recycling center can drive up the cost. The "Chipseal" process can save you up to 20-30% or more because instead of removing the…

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Hot Crack Filler »

Hot Crack Filler  

The break down of any asphalt parking lot comes in stages. The main goal is to keep our lot protected with a routine schedule of sealcoat and maintenance. However there are times when cracks will occur. We can't stop cracks from forming but we can prolong the process.

The stages leading up to cracks are: 

  • Sealcoat begins to wear down the surface 
  • As a result, your parking lot becomes discolored or faded 
  • Asphalt dries out making it weak and open to cracks.

Crack sealing is a…

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Chipseal »

What is Chip Sealing?

Chipseal Replacement is a pavement method that combines one or more layers of asphalt with fine aggregate. Chip Sealing is created with the same ingredients as asphalt concrete paving. However, the difference is that it introduces the key aggregate that forms the "chips." These chips are heavily compacted within asphalt surfaces to provide an even, smooth finish. Remember "CHIPSEAL is the real deal!"​​​​

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Pothole Repair »

Pothole Repair Services  

There are law firms out there that specialize in liability claims against companies where customers have injured themselves due to a poorly maintained parking lot. Here are some tips that are important to know.

Here is what can happen: 

  • Parking lots are not maintained properly. When failing to sealcoat on a routine basis, the parking lot dries out and forms cracks. "Gatoring" is referred to as excessive cracks and if not repaired in time will lead to potholes.

What is…

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Line Striping »

Line Striping Services  

We serve a wide variety of commercial industries and have the experience at planning and execution of parking lot layout and marking. Make sure you don't underestimate the importance of a well-planned and marked parking lot because there are many benefits including:

  • ADA Compliance
  • Property enhancement
  • Brand enhancement
  • Proper vehicle traffic flow
  • Proper pedestrian traffic flow 
  • Clearly designated parking 
  • Safety and security 
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