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Asphalt Replacement Services

Sometimes your parking lot is beyond what crackfill, sealcoat, and pothole repair can do for you. When that time comes, you may need a new asphalt surface.

Here is a list of advantages of an asphalt overlay:

  • Overlaying asphalt without replacement is more cost-friendly
  • Overlaying is a quicker process because we are not hauling asphalt away

Be careful when selecting this method. If your parking lot is small and only used by normal 4 wheeler traffic, this could be the proper solution. However if it is a commercial parking lot with a lot of heavy trucks and if the parking lot is in extremely bad shape with much "gatoring" and potholes, you may need to address the current issues before adding asphalt or you may wind up revisiting the asphalt again in a few short years.

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