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Asphalt Replacement Services

asphalt overlay for a parking lot
Fresh asphalt
Asphalt parking lot

Our CHIPSEAL process is the absolute best way to replace your parking lot. If your asphalt is beyond repair, there are 4 ways to replace the surface:

* Full asphalt replacement

* Asphalt overlay

* Mill & Pave

* Chipseal

The two most common ways are Mill & Pave and Chipseal. With Mill & Pave, the extra time and manpower needed to take asphalt out and haul it to the recycling center can drive up the cost. The "Chipseal" process can save you up to 20-30% or more because instead of removing the asphalt, we work with what is already there.

Here is the process:

* Remove all debris and vegetation

* Fix any potholes before proceeding with paving

* Apply a layer of asphalt tar to the parking lot

* Add a half inch of stone chips to the tar and roll into the existing asphalt

* Add 1.5" of fresh, 9.5b hotmix asphalt to the tar & chips and roll to a smooth surface

Mill & pave mills out a couple of inches before putting back fresh asphalt. But how do we know the cracks in the parking lot are 2" or less? CHIPSEAL puts a strong barrier between the old and new surface.

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