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Asphalt Replacement Services

asphalt overlay for a parking lot
Fresh asphalt
Asphalt parking lot

Our CHIPSEAL process is the absolute best way to replace your parking lot. If your asphalt is beyond repair, there are 4 ways to replace the surface:

* Full asphalt replacement

* Asphalt overlay

* Mill & Pave

* Chipseal Paving

The most common methods are Mill & Pave and Chipseal. With Mill & Pave, the extra time and manpower needed to remove asphalt and haul it to the recycling center can drive up the cost. The "Chipseal" process can save you up to 20-30% or more because instead of removing the asphalt, we work with what is already there.

Here is the process:

* Remove all debris and vegetation from area

* Fix any and all potholes before proceeding with paving

* Apply a thick layer of asphalt tar to the parking lot

* Add a half inch of stone chips to the tar and roll into the existing asphalt

* Add 1.5" of fresh, 9.5b hotmix asphalt to the tar & chips and roll to a smooth surface

Mill & pave will mill out a couple of inches before putting back fresh asphalt. But how do we know the cracks in the parking lot are 2" or less? CHIPSEAL puts a strong barrier between the old and new surface.

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